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logo panel CIRCA: an easy to use system that makes communication possible again


The carer can relax and enjoy the experience too


Here is an article in Care Home UK about CIRCA in use at the Links Care Home, in Poole.

CIRCA was developed as an easy-to-use computer programme that helps support
conversation between people with dementia and their caregivers and relatives.
The system contained an extensive collection of archive photographs,
video clips and popular music which could be accessed by simply touching
the screen.

People with dementia and their relatives and caregivers could use the touchscreen
to interact with and explore an extensive media database collected from some of the
UK's best quality and most extensive archives. This revolutionary system was the result
of 10 years of research, with field studies conducted in care institutions
throughout the UK and results reported in academic publications all over the world.

Have a look at the CIRCA system in action :


LATEST NEWS: The BBC has now launched an online system, called RemArc,
based on our CIRCA research. RemArc uses as its content the wonderful BBC
archive of film clips, photos, music and the spoken word.

Click here to try RemArc on the BBC website.

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