Alan Newell’s team have produced a range of films showing the use of professional theatre in requirements gathering and for awareness raising and training young designers.   These include “Relatively PC”, and “Relative Confusion”. These videos can be seen at the Inclusive Digital Economy Network and the Usable Technology for Older People:Inclusive and Appropriate (UTOPIA) websites.

DVDs of these films can be obtained by emailing Alan Newell.

Live Theatre Events

A number of live theatre events have been presented at international conferences, and have been very successful at facilitating audience discussion. For example, a video was made of a presentation that featured a old couple attempting to use smart house technology at the Computer Human Interaction Conference in Florence.

  • Living in a Smart House: from “Requirements gathering with diverse user groups and stakeholders”, M.Morgan, M.R.McGee-Lennon, N.Hine, J.L.Arnott, C.Martin, J.Clark and M.Wolters, ACM SIGCHI Conf on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2008) Extended Abstracts, Florence, Italy, 7th-10th April 2008, pp.2597-2600. ACM Digital Library; Vimeo

  • Live Theatre was also performed at a keynote presentation at AAATE Conference 31st August 3rd Sept 2011.(“Accessible and Personalised Self- Service Terminals” A.F.Newell, M.E.Morgan, J.Nelson Peebles, I. Wotherspoon - sponsored by Technosiite) Maastricht, Holland. A video of this presentation, which includes live interaction between the audience and the actors can be seen here or here.