My research on supporting older adults began with Web accessibility, but has continued in various forms. Currently, this work forms the core of the UK Research Councils’ SiDE (Social Inclusion for the Digital Economy) Hub. In collaboration with a multidisciplinary team at Newcastle University, this has developed into a center of excellence for enabling digital access for older users with a particular emphasis on health care. My group’s contributions to this effort include work on cross-device accessibility, examination of cognitive factors in task performance and prediction, a system deployed for care home workers aimed at supporting a deeper personal connection with care home residents, automatic determination and display of trustworthiness of online health information (with Google), and both ethnographic research and engineering aimed at changing the care home environment to better promote physical activity and overall wellbeing.

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Principal Investigator, BESiDE: The Built Environment for Social Inclusion the Digital Economy", RCUK EP/K037293/1, 10/13 – 10/16, £1,648,488 [Partnership with Newcastle University; £1,301,189 to the University of Dundee]

Co-Investigator and University of Dundee Lead, RCUK Hub: Inclusion in the Digital Economy, RCUK EP/G066019/1 10/09 – 09/ 14, £12,632,447. [Partnership with Newcastle University; £1,985,998 to the University of Dundee]

Royal Society, Wolfson Merit Award, WM080040, 2009 – 2013


Principal Investigator, Identifying and presenting trust-related features in health-directed search results for older users, Google Research Award, 03/12 – 02/13. $60,982

Principal Investigator, Telling Tales of Engagement Impact Award The Portrait System for Care Staff of People with Dementia, RCUK EP/K001272/1 06/12 – 06/14. £10,000

Co-Investigator, Adaptive Technologies for Enhancing the Accessibility of Digital TV, 06/09 – 12/12. RCUK EPSRC and BBC. £85,000.

Sponsor, Scottish Informatics Computer Science Alliance Distinguished
Visiting Professor Richard Schulz, 2012. £1,300
Distinguished Visiting Professor Sara Czaja, 2010. £2,000

Co-Investigator, New directions for work in digital Scotland, Scottish Universities Insight Institute, 12/11 – 11/12.

Principal Investigator, Design in the Digital World Network, EPSRC EP/H006664/1, 4/09 – 10/12. £106,194.

Co-Investigator, An Organic Approach to Virtual Participatory Design (SEEDS), EPSRC EP/H006834/1, 04/09 – 03/11. £365,055

Co-Investigator, Requirements Gathering for an Inclusive Digital Economy, EPSRC EP/F066848/1, 04/08 – 10/08. £61,815

Co-Investigator, An Inclusive Digital Economy Supporting Older and Disabled People, EPSRC EP/G002118/1, 04/08 – 06/09, £210,713

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