University of Dundee

Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Black MSc

Rolf Black

Researcher Co-Investigator

Queen Mother Building (Google map, campus map - download pdf, building 26, parking at entrance 15)
Office: Room 2.03 (second floor to the right)
Tel: +44 (0)1382 386530

I am a Rehab Engineer working in the Augmentative and Alternative Communication Research Group at the School of Computing. On this page you will find information about my work here at the University as well as information about some of my other professional interests.

Current Projects:

  • ACE-LP: Augmenting Communication using Environmental Data to drive Language Prediction. The ACE-LP Project brings together research expertise in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) (University of Dundee), Intelligent Interactive Systems (University of Cambridge), and Computer Vision and Image Processing (University of Dundee) to develop a predictive AAC system that will address these prohibitively slow communication rates by introducing the use of multimodal sensor data to inform state of the art language prediction (for more details please visit the project page).

  • Tap and Talk: The Tap and Talk project supports adults with aphasia through group sessions and drop-in sessions with the use of iPads and other touchscreen devices (Android tablets and mobile smart phones). These devices can help when communicating by giving access to images, speech output of written text and communication programs such email and web browsers (for more details please visit the project page).

  • Outer Space Inner Space (OSIS). Outer Space Inner Space (OSIS) aims to bring an interdisciplinary group of researchers together with one of Dundee's iconic landmarks, The Mills Observatory - the only remaining public observatory outside Greenwich, in order to develop an adaptable space and activities under the theme of "Ways of Seeing" the invisible universe (for more details please visit the project page).

  • I am a member of the HC3 Human Centred Computing Consultancy, led by Prof Annalu Waller. We have taken over from DMAG (the Digital Media Access Group) and provide Inclusive Design Consultancy Services & Research Partnership.

Past Projects:

  • It's-not-one-thing (for more details please visit the project page).

  • Stories at the Dentist (for more details please visit the project page).

  • Providing Access to Life Stories for Adults with Communication and Language Impairment - CHRONICLES (for more details please visit the project page).

  • 'Pst!' The PhonicStick Technology Transfer Project (for more details please visit the project page).

  • "How was school today…?" – Supporting narrative for non-speaking children, a feasibility study (for more details please visit the project page).
    Please check out our news page - we had fantastic reactions to our press release, including reports on BBC Reporting Scotland.

  • STANDUP - System to Augment Non-speaker's Dialogue Using Puns (for more details please visit the project pages).
    The Joking Computer is now also available online.

Selected Papers and Other Output:

Discussion Groups, Resources, etc.:

  • A must for everyone involved with switch accessibility: OneSwitch Blog
  • CM AAC Forum: This email list is designed to allow people to share information, experiences and any other information about Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Other work:

  • Motico - Motion & Communication: I aim to provide consultancy for all aspects of Assistive Technology (AT). I have recently added publishing to my job description and launched the first book: Stand Proud - Standing and Walking for Children with Movement Disorders. From the business name you might guess that my main interests lie in mobility aids - in particular walking aids - and communication aids. The former lead to co-founding EO-Funktion GmbH (now called: "Made for Movement") in Germany in 1999 when we established the dynamic walking and standing orthosis "the NF-Walker" in the German market and Health System.
  • I have done some teaching as a tutor for Medical and Design students.
  • I support Prof Annalu Waller with her AAC teaching. e.g. for the new MSc in Augmentative and Alternative Communication, AAC.