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REtinal VAscular Modelling Measurement And Diagnosis (REVAMMAD) [2013-present]

REVAMMAD is a European Union project aimed at combatting some of the EU's most prevalent chronic medical conditions using retinal imaging. The 3.8 million euro project aims to train a new generation of interdisciplinary scientists for the academic, clinical and industrial sectors, and to trigger a new wave of biomedical interventions. PhD students will be trained by some of the EU's leading academics and practitioners to achieve further advances in diagnosis, prognosis and prevention of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke and coronary heart disease and retinal diseases.
For more information about the project, please click here.

Corneal Nerves Tortuosity - Harvard Medical School [2013-present]

This project aims at developing an automatic software tool to assess corneal nerves image tortuosity in collaboration with our clinical partners at the Harvard Medical School.
Brief overview:
tortuosity is not mathematically defined, and it is a parameter which is evaluated qualitatively by experienced ophthalmologists. This qualitative assessment yealds high level of inter-observer variability and a non-negligible level of intra-observer variability. As a consequence, an automatic evaluation of tortuosity is absolutely needed as an effective tool to help the ophthalmologists improve patience healthcare.

VAMPIRE software [2013-present]

VAMPIRE (Vascular Assessment and Measurement Platform for Images of the REtina) is a software application for efficient, semi-automatic quantification of retinal vessel properties with large collections of fundus camera images.
I am involved in VAMPIRE software developement in a collaborative environment.
My contributions include:
  • Segmentation module (SCIRD [11])
  • Tortuosity quantification module (multi-scale-multi-window curvature estimation [6], assessment of most discriminative tortuosity indices [4])