Welcome to the Eleventh Conference on Mathematical Cultures and Practices!

Since 2010, there have been several meetings of scholars interested in cultural aspects of mathematical research practice, some explicitly arranged into smaller series of events, others organised as stand-alone events. All of the meetings attracted a community of scholars from mathematics, philosophy, mathematics education, sociology, anthropology, automated reasoning, and history of mathematics. Participants of these gatherings were interested in developing a view of mathematics on the basis of empirical observations of the practices of mathematicians, taking into account the fact that cultures and practices of mathematics vary over time, space, and research community. The events were linked by theme, but also by a large overlap in the organising teams.

We use the opportunity of organising this event to consolidate these events into a coherent sequence and declare this event to be the eleventh in this series.

We acknowledge that this series of events was heavily influenced by the work done by the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science in Brussels with their two conferences entitled "Perspectives on Mathematical Practices" (in 2002 and 2007). Their conferences culminated in the formation of the Association for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice with its own series of events, so we consider them as predecessors rather than part of our series.

Other related events that we consider to be relevant for the formation and development of our community were "FotFS VII: Bringing together Philosophy of Science and Sociology of Science" (Brussels, October 2008), "Two Streams in the Philosophy of Mathematics" (Hatfield, July 2009), and "FotFS VIII: History and Philosophy of Infinity" (Cambridge, September 2013).

The events in the described series were:

  1. Mathematical Practices and Cognition: AISB'10, Leicester, April 2010
  2. Mathematics as Culture and Practice: Bielefeld, May 2010
  3. Mathematics as Culture and Practice II: Greifswald, Dec 2011
  4. Mathematical Practices and Cognition II: AISB'12, Birmingham, July 2012
  5. Mathematical Cultures 1: London, Sep 2012
  6. Cultures of Mathematics and Logic: Guangzhou, Nov 2012
  7. Mathematical Cultures 2: London, Sep 2013
  8. Mathematical Cultures 3: London, Apr 2014
  9. Cultures of Mathematics IV: Delhi, Mar 2015
  10. Enabling Mathematical Cultures: Oxford, Dec 2017