I am a senior lecturer in the School of Science and Engineering at the University of Dundee. My research is concerned with investigating patterns of collaboration, reasoning and discovery, and incorporating findings into computational systems. I work mostly in mathematics, and believe that this will help us to close the gap between machine and human mathematics, both enhancing interaction between mathematicians and computers, and enabling machines to automatically generate interesting mathematics. I also apply these ideas to scientific domains, and other areas including music, poetry and health.

I work in AI, argumentation, computational creativity, philosophy of mathematics, social machines, persuasive technology and e-coaching for health.

I currently teach courses to both undergraduate and postgraduate students; including Argumention and Computers, Users and Interfaces, Research Methods, Human-Computer Interaction, Data Structures and Algorithms, and Web Development (University of Dundee). Previously, I taught a course on Ludic Computing at Imperial College London, tutored classes in AI and Logic at the University of Edinburgh, and taught mathematics and philosophy up to A Level in secondary schools in Jamaica and the UK.

You can contact me on A.Pease [at] dundee.ac.uk